topography Bowl | 5

Topography Bowl | 5


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A collage of photographic images that is digitally modified and morphed over the two objects in order to cover their interior and exterior aspects, over the topographic map of the world they already carry. These photos are used to cover the exterior of the lidded form, on the completed world globe, on one side (the “day” side), with a familiar and famous photograph from the Vietnam war, and on the other side (the “night” side), with a photograph of Paris Hilton. Both these photos were taken by photographer Nick Ut, on the very same day, June 8, one in 1972, the other in 2007, exactly 35 years apart. Coincidently, they also both show crying women, Kim Phuc Phan Thi and Paris Hilton, with hair in their faces. The interiors of each bowl will carry one the image of a burning Monk, Thich Quang Duc, taken by Malcolm Browne, also in Vietnam in the 1970’s, the other an unattributed view taken on 9/11 in New-York in 2001.

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