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Design Research | Stacking Plates 4

stacking plates4

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Other view of stack of plates. Another visual code is inserted with a digitally printed ceramic decal, inside each plate, creating a numbered sequence, here one to six. Each dot signifies the order in which to stack the plates to create the completed image found on the “cylindrical” form imbedded within the stack. See video animation for demonstration. The concept of the stacking plates consists in displacing the expected decoration on plates from the interior well or wide flat rim, to the exterior, here the high foot. Each plate requires an interior ridge to receive the foot of each plate added to the stacked set and also a locking device (the “ripple” extending on the rim). Both this ridge and the ripple impose a specific location for each added element. The ripple also conveys tactile sensation and information that directs the user and suggest the desired behavior.

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